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Kashmiri Tamarind & Mint Sauce, Hidden Street Food (250ml)


This tamarind mint chutney is by Hidden Street Food and everyone love some good street food because you know its quality food. With this kashmiri curry sauce you can take it to the next level and put a good dollop in any sauce or dish you may think of!

Tamarind sauce is a well balanced sweet and sour flavour with a cooling sensation of the mint. Well balanced, this sweet n sour sauce its ideal for chicken, beef, fish but not only. Try it in soups, pork and anything else your creativity can think of.

This mint and tamarind chutney taste sweet and refreshing with a sour flavour of the tamarind. Try it and you won't regret it.

Suitable for vegans & vegetarians, gluten free and dairy free. Medium spiced. 250 ml are enough a good 25 serving. Always made in England, we support english businesses!

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      • Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians

      • Nut & Peanut FREE
      • Nut & Peanut FREE

      • Gluten Free

      • Egg Free

      • Dairy Free

      • 25 Servings

      • Medium Spiced

      • Made in England


      tamarind puree (30%), sugar, water, spirit vinegar, tomato, onion, fruit, coriander, mint (1%), cumin, salt, peppers, spice, lime juice


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