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Your Unique Mystery Box

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Fight Food Waste with Us!

Seasonal, discontinued lines or products close to end of shelf life (minimum of 28 days remaining) may be featured within our Mystery Box, with the RRP value being over £20.00!

Each box is completely unique but be assured that every box is filled only with quality products that could be either gluten-free, organic, vegan, vegetarian, and dairy free

Allergens: Please be advised that our mystery boxes may include products which contain these ingredients: MILK, EGGS, WHEAT, SOYBEAN, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, FISH AND SHELLFISH

  • Great value
  • Big variety of products
  • Safely packed
  • Perfect for creating your own goodie basket as a gift


Attention please:

We regularly check the ingredients on every single product we stock and feature in our online deli. We take no responsibility if the producer/supplier unexpectedly changes the ingredients in their product/s. It is the customer's responsibility to always read the product's labelling, warnings and directions before consuming. We do not accept any responsibility that may arise due to errors or mistakes from our part or food producer/supplier.